AIRVERSA Smart Air Purifier Purelle AP2


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AIRVERSA Smart Air Purifier Purelle AP2

The first and only air purifier for Apple Home using THREAD technology. Powerful and very quiet smart air purifier. Air output 221 m³/hr. Removes 99.97% of ultra-fine dirt. Suitable for up to 28 m². Read more

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Producer: AIRVERSA


Inhale and exhale. Smart Air Purifier Purelle removes allergens, pollen and even the finest dust from your house


Where else should you breathe clean and fresh air other than in a place where you spend most of your time - your home!

Introducing the AIRVERSA Smart Air Purifier Purelle, smart purifier working on the principle of three-stage air filtration (pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, carbon filter) which removes up to 99.97% of small particles such as viruses, bacteria, animal hair, dust, allergens, gases.

Thanks to the carbon filter it can also absorb toxic formaldehyde released from new furniture, carpets or plastics. A set of filters is included with the product .

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) of Purelle is 221 m3/h. Despite its high effectivity, the Purelle air purifier is an incredibly quiet companion. Max. noise is 53 dB and only about 23 dB in sleep mode.

It's the first ever air purifier for Apple HomeKit using THREAD technology. This technology uses the latest wireless protocol for the smart home. Automise Purelle through the native Sleekpoint app, or control it with your voice through your favorite assistant. The LED display also keeps you informed of the current air quality.


Purelle is the first purifier to support THREAD technology

THREAD technology uses the latest wireless protocol to create a standalone wireless network designed for smart homes. With each additional THREAD-enabled smart device the network becomes more robust and secure. Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth the network does not get unnecessarily overwhelmed by unwanted devices. Your smart home therefore operates on a "clean" network without unnecessary interference. You can read more about THREAD technology here.


Download the Sleekpoint app and enjoy the most of all its features

Switch on the cleaner with the app, choose the cleaning intensity

Set schedules

Add devices into group based on room type

Check status of your filters

Control via Home app (iOS)

For control outside of the home you need to have a Home Center (HomePod 2nd GenerationHomePod mini or Apple TV 2021 or later)


Technical specifications

Dimensions 220 x 220 x 345 mm

Weight. 2,96 kg

HEPA level E13

Power 24W

CADR 221 m³/h

Room coverage 28 m²

Touch screen control panel

5 levels of fan speed

Very quiet sleep mode by 23 dB

Child lock

Apple Homekit

Sleekpoint app

THREAD technology

What do the experts say about the purifier? Check out the reviews of this product

YouTube channel of Shane Whatley

YouTube channel Adam's Tech Life

YouTube channel HomeKit News and Reviews

YouTube channel The Brad Lloyd


Additional information

One set of filters for three-stage air filtration is included with the product (pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, carbon filter). The lifespan of the set of filters depends on the dustiness of the environment and the frequency of use, the average lifespan of the filters is 3000 hours. Replacement filters can be purchased in our e-shop.

Do not operate the Purelle with a humidifier nearby, as the resultant water particles could cause damage to the Air Quality Sensor. This air purifier is not intended for use in bathroom, laundry areas, and similar moist indoor locations. Do not operate in wet or moist conditions. Keep dry.

Something wrong or need help with an order? Send us an email, write to chat or give us a call!

Phone: +420 733 712 734

AIRVERSA Smart Air Purifier Purelle AP2
AIRVERSA Smart Air Purifier Purelle AP2

119,99 €

99,17 € excl. VAT

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